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The hilly land that Bandlands occupies was one of the last parcels in the area to be held by the U.S. Government General Land Office. Patrick Cashman filed a homestead claim on the forty ares and received his patent in 1912, one of the few parcels in St. Croix County to be claimed under the Homestead Act.  John and Petra Hanson purchased the forty acres around 1914 and built a farmstead on the site where the the chalet now stands. John Hanson died in 1915 and the family eventually lost the farm in a forclosure sale. Henry Kinney later bought the forty acres and in turn sold it to Rob Kinney. The house that Patrick Henry and Mary Kinney built ca. 1886 would become the first Badlands chalet.

1897 Plat Map [larger]

Mary Kinney farm ca. 1920 [larger]

Mary Kinney family, ca. 1922 [larger]

The Hanson farm ca. 1930, where the new chalet stands [larger]