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Board Tap, 2007 [larger]

Board tap, 2007 [larger]

snowboarding, 2005 [larger]

Aaron Young on the Kink Rail, 2002 [larger]

Boarders on the quarter-pipe, 2013 [larger]

Boarder created Badlands Rail, 2007 [larger]

Boarders at rest, 2007 [larger]

An "illegal" inverted aerial, 2005 [larger]

Hitting the 1/4 pipe, ca. 2006 [larger]

Pipe Rail, ca. 2006 [larger]

The Gap Jump, ca. 2006 [larger]

Chilling in the Board Shack, ca. 2006 [larger]

"Pumpkin Pants" on the Big Air jump, ca. 2006 [larger]

"Pumpkin Pants" on the Big Air jump, ca. 2006 [larger]

The Board Hill, ca. 2007 [larger]

The Rookie Ridge tow, ca. 2007 [larger]

Weaver riding a rail, ca. 2007 [larger]

Riding a rail, ca. 2007 [larger]

Weaver hits the gap jump, ca. 2007 [larger]

Rail, ca. 2007 [larger]

Competition Awards, ca. 2007 [larger]

Catching some air, ca. 2006 [larger]

Summer Boarding, June 2006 [larger]

Henry and pals skiing, June 2006, 2005 [larger]

Henry skiing, June 2006, 2005 [larger]