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Hedco Snowmaker Unit 1 - First foray into snow making [larger]

Hedco Snowmaker on the Big Hill towpath? [larger]

Hedco Snowmakers on the SnowBoard Hill [larger]

Snowmaking on the SnowBoard Hill, Dec. 1999 (from Maggie's deck) [larger]

Little Snowmaker [larger]

Portable Snowmaking on the Big Hill, 1999-12 [larger]

2-inch pipe snowmaker, on the curve of the Monkey Tail [larger]

Portable power rig, on top of Bunny Hill [larger]

Areco Snowmaker [larger]

Snowmaking on Camelback rum, 2011 [larger]

Snowmaking on Turbo towpath, 2012 [larger]

Making Snow on Middle Hill and Big Hill, 2006 [larger]

Grooming the Monkey Tail, 2006 [larger]

"Laying Prefect Corduroy" Camelback, 2014-02-14 [larger]

Bill Pond excavating the pond, 1994 [larger]

Laying the Pond Liner, 1996 [larger]

Laying the Pond Liner, 1996 [larger]

The Pond and Pumphouse, 1996 [larger]

Naturally Fresh Snow on Turbo, 2014 [larger]